Online Marketing: Is it Worth it!?

Often times Tanzanian businesses and project managers seek for the easiest ways to reach their targeted market, ways that will not only  prove to be the most effective ones but cost effective ones as well. In this post we are going to look at Online Marketing as one of the best marketing options of this era.

We think in 2019 Online Marketing is the best, if not one of the best ways to marketi your brand and here is why:

1. Massive growth of Internet Users in Tanzania

After the first half of 2019 Tanzania communications regulatory authority had released a report which showed that more than 20 million Tanzania can access the internet, which means that nearly half of tanzanians can I see your products or message online.

2. Ease of access: mostly a product can be a click away

Contrary to many other ways of marketing, a customer who seeks for product or service online can easily access information about the product they are looking for by just clicking once or writing the right keywords.  Now your target market can easily get your message from the office or at the comfort of their room, which also allows you to post any of the online ads at anytime or place of your own convenience  

3. Window shopping without walking past one

It’s a fact that not everyone has the guts, energy, or the time to go out, all the way to the shop just to look at the prices of your products, but through online marketing channels you can post your products online and your target market will most likely see them. Currently there are several online markets operating within Tanzania, you can opt to use them or you can take advantage of that social media channel advertising and post boosts to get you message to your target market.

4. Safe and secured. No going out, no walking with lots of luggage, some even deliver at   your doorstep

With the technological advancements many businesses now take advantage of the secured online tools to collect leads, orders and some details about their customers which can assist business during delivery a product to the end users doorstep. Many of these safe and tools stand to prove that online marketing can be a positive advantage to your business  and reduce a tremendous amount of work from your customers if you will know how to use them well.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation tools

Marketing online provides you with a number of tools that can help you monitor your marketing company and evaluate the results throughout.

We have done a number of posts on how well you can organize your online marketing campaign in the easiest way that would ensure your businesses return on your investment.

With the right monitoring and evaluation tools you will have the ability to control how much are going to spend on a marketing campaign, when to increase it, went to reduce it, and these tools will also give you analytical reasons as to why you have to do so.

These and many other reasons that we have highlighted in other blog post prove that you can better spend your money and monitor advertisement campaign online than any other channel found in the Tanzanian market currently. Keep reading more weekly tips on how best you can improve your business reach and get better marketing results without spending a fortune.

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