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Closing for the holidays doesn’t mean putting your brand on pause. Reason: That’s a misconception many business owners have. You can keep your brand buzzing even when you’re away sipping cocoa by the fire.

Data from the Digital Resource show that during the holidays, social media traffic increases 73%. Data also shows that small businesses tend to receive 18% more social messages during these months.  

Have you ever wondered why there’s a tremendous surge in traffic and conversations on social media platforms during the holiday season? It’s because everything happens on social media, from product discovery to promotions to sales and even customer service.  

Today, the marketing experts at this creative agency in Dar es Salaam will share how to prepare your brand to work for you while you are away for the holiday season.  

1. Plan Festive Social Media Content in Advance:

Before you bid farewell to your office for the holiday break, it’s crucial to keep the festive spirit alive on your social media platforms. Planning your content in advance ensures a consistent and engaging presence during the holiday season. Identify key dates, events, or promotions you want to highlight. Craft visually appealing posts, incorporating festive elements such as holiday-themed images, videos, or graphics. Create a content calendar that outlines when each post will go live, and schedule them using social media management tools.


  • Design visually striking posts featuring your team in holiday attire.
  • Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your holiday office decorations.
  • Countdown to special holiday promotions or events.

2. Schedule Auto-Responder Emails and Automated Holiday-Themed Email Campaigns:

Communication doesn’t take a vacation, but you can automate it! Set up auto-responder emails to let clients, partners, and customers know that your office is closed for the holidays. Ensure these messages are warm, express gratitude for their support, and provide information on when they can expect a response.

Additionally, you can craft automated holiday-themed email campaigns to keep your audience engaged. Share festive updates, exclusive holiday offers, or simply spread some cheer. Schedule these emails in advance to ensure a consistent and timely delivery.

3. Update Your Website with Cheerful Holiday Vibes and Special Offers:

Your website is your digital storefront, and it should reflect the festive atmosphere. Update your website with holiday-themed visuals, banners, or graphics to create a warm and inviting online space. Highlight any special holiday offers, promotions, or events prominently on the homepage.

  • Design a festive homepage banner announcing holiday promotions.
  • Create a dedicated “Holiday Specials” section on your website showcasing exclusive offers.
  • Add a holiday-themed pop-up or banner to capture attention and promote limited-time deals.

By implementing these steps, you can ensure that your brand remains active, engaging, and aligned with the festive season even while the office is closed.

Since you will not be in the office, make sure that you switch off all electrical equipments to avoid any unnecessary bills when you come back, and secure all your confidential documents by making sure that you lock your office properly. Enjoy your Holiday!

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